Tooz A  Crowd Productions is an independent film and video production company that combines the creative possibilities of filmmaking with the humanity of people and their stories.  We create visually arresting and emotionally compelling documentaries, music videos, corporate / promotional videos, and films.

Tooz A Crowd Productions is independent filmmaker Randy Guest and storyteller /writer / performer Leigh-Anne Kehler.

Randy has been working as a filmmaker for over 20 years. In that time he has worked on over 70 film projects.  In addition to his work as Director / Producer, he has  served as Production Manager, Assistant Director and Locations Manager. His true passion is directing film and video  that combine filmmaking technique with an  honest portrayal of the human condition.

Leigh-Anne has been a storyteller, writer, actor, and performer for just under 20 years. She has performed at storytelling festivals and venues around the world. She also has written, directed, and performed her own one-woman shows, and written scripts and stories for screen, print, and stage.

Still from The Cup Song - Berens River

Still from The Cup Song – Berens River, Canada

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